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Don't set down your glass just anywhere, it belongs somewhere, and so do you.


I began my glass studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, learning about mold making, kiln casting, coldworking, sandblasting, material and optics research, polishing, silvering, annealing and glassblowing with legends like Chris Taylor and Rachel Berwick.


However it is my interdisciplinary breadth of abilities that allows me to explore beyond the limits of the hot shop. With expertise in welding, ceramics, fine woodwork, and digital design/fabrication techniques, I love to traverse the void between art and utility.


This was crucial while I was designing glassware for the wine glass company, Riedel, in Germany where I began my professional career. Following this was a residency as a visiting artist and later gaffer at a hotshop in Bali, creating installations for a luxury hotel in Japan, and production runs of bespoke glasses for a boutique restaurant.


I am now exploring lamp working and other scientific techniques to bring my most complex dreams into existence.

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It is my mission to fabricate objects that ask us to honor the simplicity of connection, and to be present with our surroundings. The ritual of sharing a glass of wine is as ancient as the vine itself, yet we do not always appreciate the process. And occasionally our minds wander into anxiety and responsibility.


With this series of glassware you must stay in the now.

Chandelier Installation work in progress

Reticello tableware series

Playful decanter for Riedel

Color study vase

Other Projects

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