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What do machine shops, plastic molded parts, and furniture builders all have in common? They all make objects to specific measurements as specified by the client's technical drawing.


Have you dreamt of building your own custom tiny house, but need some detailed layouts to go off of? Is your jewelry practice full of whimsy and wonder, but you need a bit of technical structure in order to have your work manufactured overseas? Whether you want to capture an existing object's measurements in great detail, create a floor plan for your Airbnb listing, or remodel your kitchen, I can help.

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One might say an idea is only as good as its ability to be built. I have worked with international manufacturers, freelance designers, city governments, and strict institutions, to bring many projects to life that had countless difficulties along the way. This experience will help save you the nightmare of proposing a tiny house that doesn't meet roadworthy legal codes, or products whose lids are too small.


Clarify Your Design

Get Govt. Approval

Outsource The Build

Visualize The Final

Work With A Team

And Much More




If you have an existing object or miniature part you want measured or designed for fabrication in a factory

  • 3D Model of your object

  • Measurement tolerance of .001"

  • Engineering drawing ready for a manufacturer

Optional add-on

  • 3D print of your object

  • Photo-realistic renderings



For those with final ideas and working prototypes of a product you want to take to the mass market

  • 3D model of your design

  • Engineering drawing of your part/assembly

  • Exploded view of your part

  • x3 photo-realistic renderings

Optional add-on

  • 3D print of your product(s)

  • Mold design for ceramic slipcasting or plastic injection



For a tiny home, outdoor patio, garden landscape, kitchen remodel, or similar

  • 3D model of your structure

  • Front + side + top elevations

  • Detailed drawings suitable for contractors (or novices, depending)

  • Site plan for city permitting

Optional add-on

  • Photo-realistic renderings

Looking for just a basic floorplan for Airbnb listings? Cost $200

These packages can give you an idea of what your costs will be. Depending on your unique needs, I will create a custom quote that includes only what you need.

​When precision and clarity counts


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