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It is no coincidence that my family name "Sohn" literally means "hand" and "crafts[person]ship" in Korean.

Freelance design projects allow me to explore new mediums. Of course when designing with plastic, the writing is on the wall. Which is why the following idea remained a digital experiment as I did not feel the need to bring it to life. I explored how to produce an unbreakable bong made out of ice from a silicone mold. If you break your pipe—simply freeze another one.


I am an expert craftsperson who specializes in fine woodworking, metal fabrication, production ceramics, glassblowing, lab glass, and natural eco-building techniques. You can request single or multiple products from my existing designs, or we can work together to develop and produce a bespoke object to your liking. If you want to amass generational artifacts that outlast their owner, you are in the right place.

Spots Remaining in 2021


Time Estimate


I was raised in a tribe that emphasized the paradigm "l'dor v'dor" which guides us to consider the impact our lives have on the earth and others from one generation to the next. As junk in our life continues to ebb and flow, one might forget that the ephemeral nature of modern mass produced goods are absurd. To create a pleasant atmosphere, one might consider the following: What is the sensation as an object touches your skin, does it remind you of living with nature? Can you pass your investment down to loved ones, and can they love it for 100 years? And so on.

I cherish precision fit and finish, so only when my eyes and fingertips are pleased do I feel that I have made something beautiful. As spoken by the creator of my favorite childhood toy LEGO® "only the best is good enough".

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